Hi Paul! I click on all your articles, even if they might not be for me (most are!). I tend to close the video ads pretty quickly and was wondering if it's better for you to just keep them playing, or if your revenue coming from the clicks are what's going to clothe your baby! Thanks for keeping me up to date on Destiny!

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Also no pressure to keep up the insane pace of your content once you become a father any day now. Your fans already like you because of the depth of your analysis and insight.

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Really enjoyed your Gambit analysis this time around. As I have now become a F2P Destiny 2 player (I didn't buy Witch Queen), the ritual grind is more important. Gambit remains on the cusp of being great. I enjoy it a lot, but invasions always felt way too important. Disabling level advantages is something I was saying for ages. It's how Crucible works (except Iron banner and Trials) and there didn't seem to be a reason it couldn't be done in Gambit.

I think the larger issue in Destiny 2 is one we touched on before: what is the point of Power Level? I can get behind your gear being a pile of stats (X damage, Y defence, Z multiplier for void, etc.), but if that's what gear really is, then why do we need power level at all?

The reason I question power level is that Gambit enemies are at the minimum power level still hit way harder than strike enemies or enemies on patrol. Dungeon enemies - especially from the 3 old dungeons - have the same hard hitting nature, which is pretty independent of power level. I admit my analysis doesn't quite work for Nightfalls (especially higher level) or raids.

My point is that it really seems like there is a way to make content and enemies tougher and more lethal independent of power level, and it could be that this is where the problem is, especially in Gambit.

I'm with you, Paul, I don't know if Gambit can ever be saved/balanced, which is a shame, because it's fun. Maybe it could survive as more of an extraction/race mode. I always thought Gambit would be good if played like Mass Effect 3 or Andromeda multiplayer: cooperative horde mode, that is still a race with another team. You can keep blockers, but maybe get rid of invasions - or invasions are limited to the invader killing enemies on your team's field and stealing motes from your field to bank. So, you make the invader more of a thief as opposed to an assassin.

Also... have the lost 2 maps come back yet? I'm a little tired of having 4 maps. :)

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