God Rolls - Lost Weapons, Horizon Drama, Mass Effect 5

Sorry for the long break

God Rolls lives. I know, I know, it’s been like two weeks, but I was out of town both Sundays and couldn’t do it. But I’m here, and there are a million things to talk about as the fall holiday season approaches.

What I’m Playing: We are early in the Destiny 2 season so there’s still a good amount to do each week. Still looking for those perfect seasonal rolls this early. Went back to Genshin for some stellar 2.1 patch stuff.

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso, which is little…off this season. I hate Nate! Why did they do this to Nate? The Walking Dead is back and pretty good. I just got out of Shang-Chi like an hour ago and it is INCREDIBLE.

Alright, now for the recap. This is just this week, not the weeks I missed.

Destiny 2

So What’s Up With ‘Destiny 2’ And Microsoft This Year? - I am getting extremely weird vibes between Bungie and Microsoft this year. No Witch Queen on Game Pass, no official Halo things in the Anniversary. Weird.

The ‘Destiny 2’ God Roll Lost Weapons You Should Be Farming For - Well I mean, this is God Rolls, so I had better post my god rolls list for Season of the Lost weapons. And there are a lot of good ones. I did an Iron Banner one too for the new weapons.

Destiny 2’s Farming And Currency Caps Have Gotten Out Of Control - I understand Destiny wanting to timegate some things, but what they’re doing with caps in like five different areas has gotten out of hand at this point.

‘Destiny 2’ Reveals Its Elemental Future In A Single New Gun Perk - I believe this single perk is the key to the entire elemental system in Destiny 2’s future.

Other Games

You Think ‘Genshin Impact’ Is Pay-To-Win Gacha Anime Trash; You Are Wrong - My ode to Genshin Impact, a game you should not be biased against because of what you think it is.

Microsoft Is Running Out Of Ways To Say ‘Starfield’ Is An Xbox Exclusive Not Coming To PlayStation - Guys I promise you, this is not complicated.

Sony Admits It Said PS5 ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Upgrades Would Be Free, Will Honor Offer - This whole saga was one of the most dramatic stories this week, but it’s finally over and Sony did the right thing. More or less.

‘Mass Effect 5’ May Ditch Frostbite For Unreal Engine To Avoid ‘Andromeda’ Repeat - I think everyone can agree this is probably the right call, especially BioWare.


I have a theory about how Savathun is going to be used in Destiny’s story:

I broke a tiny bit of news about how Iron Banner is not changing for a super long time:

Talking about the “Dead Game” Destiny meme and how it’s more irrelevant and stupid than ever:

Finally, poor Evie has been going through a rough time. She has very bad allergies and has been in a cone so she doesn’t eat her feet. We’ve been trying to fix this for a year. Sad face.

The saddest.

Alright, that’s all for now, see you next week, I promise!

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