Sorry for the 3 congrats, SubStack kept bugging it. Better overdo it than under do it on big news, I say. :P

Finally got to the end of Season of the Lost questline and got Ager's Sceptre.


Paul, you did not lie, it's so good for mob clearing. I find a lot of exotics really are, but this was a good one. Will it hold up to the Gjallarhorn? Time will tell when that bad boy is re-released during the 30th Anniversary.

Season of the Lost

I'm glad I got to catch up, but I'm also kind of weirded out that the story is clearly not over, but it's not dropping any time soon. Bungie confirmed nothing is happening in November. We have the Dawning and Bungie's 30th Anniversary coming up. I guess Season of the Lost will end after both of those.... my guess is the middle of February 2022 is when this story arch ends. It might even be like Season of Arrivals, where the last weekend had some event.

Not that the ending of Arrivals wasn't cool - especially the black screen with the ominous message: "Light alone cannot save you. Come seek us out on Europa". That was great. Too bad no one can experience that (again).

My objection to doing that kind of thing is that there is no guarantee that a player can experience it. I tried to log in during the Arrivals event and just couldn't because the server was understandably overloaded. At least someone put it on YouTube later. :)

A Note on "Slow Months"

I personally like slow months because with the new seasonal models and the weekly rollout of content/story beats, I like waiting for it all to come out before I tackle it. It's more efficient for progress. All the weekly challenges are open to you and all the quests.

It's Kind of like waiting for your favourite show to finish so you can stream every episode in one season over a single weekend. :)

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Congratulations Paul, from across the pond in the UK. Gaming at 3am whilst feeding your baby with some formula will become a habit for a while. Best wishes to you all 🤘

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Congratulations to you and your wife, Paul!

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Congratulations to you and your wife, Paul. That's great news. :)

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Congratulations to you and your wife, Paul! Wonderful news about you guys becoming parents in 2022. :)

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