Great video on the Forsaken and middle-tree. The monetization of Destiny 2 seems a bit strange at this point. I agree that Forsaken (3 years old now) probably should just be free considering it's being vaulted in 3.5 months.

I would have to wonder how much money it could possibly make between now and the launch of Witch Queen. It's to the point where it seems too stingy. In fact, that's the take I have with transmogrification, the 30th Anniversary Event and the Witch Queen release.

I get that it takes time, money and resources to make content (I run a small business too). What I don't get is why the game makes you pay for it, then grind for it, then wait for the right RNG for specific things. It's 3 layers of delay/luck that separates you from the thing you actually want.

Not sure about Destiny 2's future honestly. I've already decided not to get Witch Queen because of these types of practices.

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Exclusive Evie pic was very wholesome

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Also now seems like a good time to try Outriders again. :)

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