God Rolls: Trials Saved, Large Thor, Redfall Leaks

Adept God Rolls issue this week

Welcome to another edition of God Rolls, where there are actual god rolls to be found given all the changes to Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris, which have allowed me to bathe in glorious loot in that mode for the first time ever. But more on that in a bit.

What I’m Playing: Besides Trials? Caught up on Genshin and am trying to level Baal. Dipped back into Avengers. Previewing a new game this week I cannot talk about yet, but I am interested to play.

What I’m Watching: Just watched Malignant and Kate, a good and okay horror and action movie respectively. I’m about to sit down and watch my Walking Dead screener I forgot about. I missed this week’s Ted Lasso and I still don’t like that airing weekly instead of being a binge. Oh well.

So, what did you miss this week? Quite a bit going on:


‘Destiny 2’ May Really Have Fixed Trials Of Osiris This Time - The grand Trials overhaul is here and is actually really good. Like, much better than I even anticipated, overall.

The ‘Destiny 2’ New God Roll Prophecy Weapons You Should Be Farming For - Prophecy is now home to some of the best weapons in the game since they brought Trials of the Nine guns back with random rolls.

‘Destiny 2’ Is Staffing Up For A Massive Film And TV Expansion Of The Universe - It’s now pretty clear that Destiny is about to blow open the doors for a giant film and TV expansion of the franchise, according to new job listings.

Alive Game: ‘Destiny 2’ Is Surging In Popularity Season After Season - The numbers don’t lie, Destiny is getting progressively more popular with each season this year.

Other Games

God Of War Ragnarok’s Large Thor Has Taken Over The Internet - God of War Ragnarok is coming and it is bringing with it a barrel-shaped Thor that has lit the internet on fire.

Arkane’s ‘Redfall’ Leaks Suggest It’s Going To Be A Borderlands-Like Looter - The leaks looked bad because it’s pre-alpha test footage, but it comes with the news we may have another looter shooter on our hands, which you know makes me excited.

The Big PS5 ‘Wolverine’ Game Question - Lots of Sony news this week with their show, including the surprise debut of a new Wolverine game, which raises one obvious question about it.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Puts Spider-Man On New Roadmap, Confirms 2022 Heroes Coming - Avengers came out with a new roadmap for the rest of the year, which says Spider-Man is here this year and they are doing new heroes in 2022.


An ode to my favorite gun in Destiny 2 in quite a long time, Servant Leader:

My take on the story this week, where I genuinely don’t understand why we’re not telling Crow the truth at this point:

After a day of Trials farming, my take on how this suddenly became the best loot farm in the game:

Destin and I talk about the Sony event in full here:

Alright, and guess what? Evie is feeling better! She got an anti-itch shot and started two different antibiotics to quell infections. Still a ways to go, but no more cone!

See you on Burnout…

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