God Rolls - Trials Drama, Deathloop GOTY And GTA Vs Cyberpunk

Big week for hot takes

Welcome to a uhhh 24 hour late version of God Rolls because I definitely forgot yesterday was Sunday. But never fear! There’s still plenty to recap and go over as we gear up for a very busy fall, despite a myriad of delays.

What I’m Playing: Another fun weekend of Destiny Trials, where this time it took a team of Swedes to carry me flawless. Solo queue went…less good. Also I took a break from live service and played a ton of Deathloop, which I enjoyed.

What I’m Watching: Emmy-winner Ted Lasso, though I don’t like this season as much as most people. I did all of the new season of Sex Education and the extremely wild Squid Game on Netflix. I also did Malignant on HBO Max.

Now, onto the recap:


Why 2021 Has Been Destiny 2’s Most Impressive Year To Date - Seriously, take a look back at this past year of Destiny, even without an expansion, and be impressed.

Here’s The ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of The Lost Roadmap, Kind Of - Destiny finally got a roadmap for Season of the Lost, but Bungie is being more vague than usual.

How To Get ‘Destiny 2’ Exotic Ager’s Scepter, With All Quest Steps - Ager’s Scepter went live this week with a somewhat dull quest, but the gun is hilarious and fun.

Destiny 2’s Trials Success Shows Bungie Should Never Have Taken Its Eye Off PvP - I think Trials going this well really proves that Bungie waited too long to devote attention to PvP again.

Other Games

What If I Told You ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Better Than ‘GTA 5’? - You might be able to guess what my most controversial article of the week was. It’s not clickbait! I stand by it!

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Deathloop’ - Some Deathloop tips for the early GOTY contender, out now.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Has Sold Better Than You Think This Year - Would you have guessed that Avengers is a top-selling game of the year? No wonder 2022 content is coming.

‘Wonderlands’ Has Something ‘Borderlands’ Never Did: Character Creation - This has gotten me really excited about Wonderlands, doing something that Borderlands has avoided for a decade now.


Discussing all the Trials drama that split the community this weekend:

My favorite weapons of this season so far:

Why this season is really making me hate Mara Sov:

Evie continues to be improving with her paws! She is almost back to her old self! What a floof.

Alright, see you out there!

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