God Rolls - Savathun Surprise, Activision Horror, Inazuma Arrives

Also I fixed my speakers

Welcome back to another edition of God Rolls, the newsletter I definitely did not almost forget to write today. I forgot it was Sunday! Days are meaningless when you work from home seven days a week! Anyway.

What I’m Playing: Pretty much exclusively Genshin Impact this week with the launch of Inazuma, as there was a whole bunch to do and really nothing across any of my other games.

What I’m Watching: Just finished Zola, which was kind of great. Did not like Jolt very much on Amazon Prime. Did the new Masters of the Universe show which people are being extremely annoying about but I thought it was fine.

Now, for the roundup:


Destiny 2’s New Transmog Fix Set To Re-Highlight Transmog’s Original Problem - Bungie is actually fixing transmog to a certain extent by killing Synthstrand, but now we have the cap to deal with.

What To Make Of This Alleged Destiny 2 Savathun ‘True Form’ Leaked Image - Spoiler warning for this one, as key art seems to have leaked for Savathun, and it implies something rather big.

What Exactly Is Destiny 2’s Plan For Stasis Weapons? - I don’t really understand why Bungie is making stasis weapons or what they’ll do besides make Match Game more annoying.

How To Fix Destiny 2's Trials Of Osiris? Everyone Has The Same Idea - This seems to be the general consensus for how to fix Trials, at least in one regard.

Other Games

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Alleges Horrific Mistreatment Of Women - Sometimes video game news is *extremely* serious, like with this horrible story of how Activision Blizzard has allegedly treated the women who work there.

‘Genshin Impact’ Is Adding Aloy From ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ For Free - Genshin Impact, in addition to releasing Inazuma this week, revealed that they’re bring Aloy, yes that Aloy, to the game as a playable character.

11 Months Later, ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Is Getting An Omega-Level Threat Raid At Last - Avengers is finally getting a true endgame activity, but it still has a bunch of red flags attached to it, if you ask me.

Who Is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant For, Exactly? - This game confuses me greatly.


My final thoughts on Inazuma now that I did almost all of it:

Why I think we may be on the path to free transmog after this recent change:

Cyberpunk DLC names have leaked, again, and this list is somewhat easy to decipher:

I did a show with Destin and Jeff Grubb, who I finally got to meet! Was a lot of fun:

I got a new camera for some of those videos above, so let me know what you think of it. A certain someone has yet to make an appearance on the new cam, but sometime soon.

See you next time!

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