God Rolls - New World Grind, Savathun Showdown, Squid Game Fever

RIP PC 2019-2022

Welcome to another installment of God Rolls, typed up on my laptop because my PC is *super* dead, and I am getting another one shipped out some time next week though PowerGPU, after many recommendations. No, I am not blaming New World, as I think it’s a separate issue and it didn’t blow my GPU or anything. Such is life. Anyway…

What I’m Playing: At this point, mostly New World, given that you can spend like three hours doing nothing but fishing, but it’s enjoyable in its own way. Doing a tiny amount of Destiny seasonal stuff. Playing a big AAA game that I don’t think I can talk about until Wednesday on console.

What I’m Watching: After doing a double dose of Squid Game and Midnight Mass, have toned down binging to just my weeklies. I do like Apple TV’s Foundation, but it just feels like it’s missing…something.

On to the recap:

Destiny 2

A ‘Destiny 2’ Character Is Going To Die, But Who? - Bungie has more or less confirmed a character is going to die, now that they’ve reissued Spoiler Alert (the gun), so who will that be?

A Theory About ‘Destiny 2’ Duplicate Drops That May Explain A Lot - There’s a theory being passed around about why RNG doesn’t always feel like RNG with some Destiny drops.

Some Important ‘Destiny 2’ Story News For Lost, Witch Queen And Beyond - Destiny’s narrative team has done a number of interviews lately which I think have made some news in a few important areas regarding the story of this season and Witch Queen.

Ranking Every ‘Destiny 2’ Seasonal Activity From Best To Worst - After a viral tweet, I sat down and made an actual list out of this. I expect disagreement.

Other Games

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘New World’ - New World is here and is surprisingly addicting. Here’s my usual early advice article for this one.

CDPR Warns Investors To Temper Expectations For ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ On Next-Gen - CDPR is telling investors not to expect a “wow” sales spike moment when Cyberpunk finally arrives on next-gen consoles.

Nintendo Vehemently Denies New 4K Switch Report, Confusing Everyone - Nintendo really, really wants to make it clear the Switch is not planning to match what its competitors have been able to do for years.

Trying ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ On Xbox Game Pass Today? What You Should Know - It finally happened, Avengers is now free on Game Pass like everyone said it should be. My advice for players who are just hopping in now finally.


The new Stasis builds you can make with Ager’s and the new mods are truly insane:

My first impressions of New World as a whole, a game I am liking more than I thought, with a few exceptions:

This week in Destiny 2’s story, Savathun and Crow faced off for the first time since she shed her skin:

Evie would kindly like you to stay away from her banana:

Alright, see you soon. Pray my PC arrives in one piece.

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