God Rolls - Halo Rules, Savathun Trolls, Diablo Divides

Look I just hate stamina bars okay

Welcome back to another entry of God Rolls that I did *not* accidentally miss this time. It’s been a big week on multiple fronts, from the new Halo Infinite flight to Diablo 2 Resurrected to even more Trials of Osiris changes because why not.

What I’m Watching: Just did all of Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass which was incredible and you have to watch it. I did season 4 of Slasher yesterday which was probably the goriest thing I’ve ever seen on TV and I’m not exaggerating. Pretty good, not great. Oh and I started Foundation on Apple TV which is stellar, but I haven’t written about it yet.

What I’m Playing: A whole bunch of the Halo flight, enough of Diablo 2 to get me yelled at. About to jump into Trials when they turn the Flawless pool on to see how that goes. Hearing this week is not great.

Alright, time for the recap!


‘Destiny 2’ Is Now A Top 3 Game On Steam - If you need any more proof that Destiny 2 is surging in popularity this year, look no further than Steam’s most-played charts lately.

The Biggest Mystery Of Destiny 2’s Season Of The Lost - This is what I consider the biggest mystery of the season, namely what happens after three weeks from now.

‘Destiny 2’ Seems Like It’s Bringing Back Mars, But Which Mars? - I am pretty sure Destiny is bringing back Mars at some point, but D1 or D2 Mars? I know which one I’m hoping for.

A ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of The Lost Roadmap With An Attempt At Actual Dates - I tried to take a stab at making a roadmap with actual dates for events given that Bungie has not done so yet.

Other Games

‘Genshin Impact’ Can Afford A Free Anniversary 5 Star Reward - MiHoYo has pissed off the entire Genshin playerbase with underwhelming anniversary rewards, which sucks given the billions they’ve earned the last year. This is one of my most popular posts of the whole month.

‘Fortnite’ Has Destroyed The ‘Guide Industry’ With Challenge Changes - More of a personal post here, but Fortnite has really harmed my industry by making its challenges not need guides anymore. I’ll explain.

How ‘Outriders’ Is Buffing Its Legendary Armor Sets - Outriders news? Outriders news! They are still doing sweeping balance changes and now it’s time for mass buffs to legendary set bonuses.

Crystal Dynamics Is On Loan To Microsoft For ‘Perfect Dark’ Now - This is a weird one. Square Enix is…loaning Crystal Dynamics to Microsoft for a while? Is a purchase in their future?


Please give me pity thumbs up for my most disliked video in history where I lay into Diablo 2 nostalgia based on Resurrected:

I went hands on with Guardians of the Galaxy this week and came away with somewhat mixed feelings, but I still want to play it:

Savathun is just straight up trolling us now in the story of Season of the Lost:

Alright, time for my bud to say hello:

What secrets are you whispering to her, Lambchop???

See you soon.

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