God Rolls: Halo Praise, Avengers Annoyance, Destiny Predictions

Oh and also I have merch now

Welcome to another week of God Rolls, what will hopefully be the last truly dead week for Destiny, even if there were a few news items to squeeze out. Activision Blizzard continues to be terrible, CDPR continues to be silent, and there’s a lot going on to discuss.

What I’m Playing: I went back to Avengers for the Omega-Level threat which did not go well, but I’ve been sort of just playing casually on the 4x weekend to get a feel for it again before Black Panther.

What I’m Watching: I did three seasons of Netflix’s Slasher this week, which is a horror show I highly recommend, as it flew under my radar for a long time.

Here’s the roundup!


Destiny 2’s Weirdest Ongoing Mystery: The Fish Ghost - Okay but seriously where’s the fish ghost?

Five ‘Destiny 2’ Things That Deserve To Be Unvaulted ‘Legends’ - This is the Destiny 2 content (not Destiny 1) that I think should be let out of the vault at some point.

Destiny 2’s Final Splicer Mission Has Been Under Our Noses The Whole Time - Yeah it seems more and more clear what the final mission will be on the 10th.

Everything To Know About Destiny 2’s Crossplay, Which Is Less Complicated Than It Sounds - Destiny is getting crossplay which was like a 5,000 word TWAB, but it’s actually not all that complicated.

Other Games

‘Halo Infinite’ Is Good, Says Everyone - Everyone seems to be really enjoying Halo Infinite, judging by early test flight feedback.

Horizon Forbidden West's Delay Simply Means Nothing For PS5 - Horizon Forbidden West is getting delayed which is not ideal and yet totally fine.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Sees 10x Playercount Increase, Is F2P The Way? - Avengers had a F2P weekend that increased its playercount by such a massive amount, I wonder if it will be permanent.

What Activision Blizzard Is Losing, Besides The PR War - This company is going to endure severe damage that goes well beyond simply “looking bad” as a result of all this.


Uh so yeah I made a merch store? Check it out:

My explanation as to why I really, really hated Avengers’ Omega-Level Threat:

Talking about what looks to be one last Override coming to Destiny 2:

And now, for the star of the show, who will be getting her own merch soon enough.

See you soon!

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