God Rolls - Destiny Epilogue, Diablo 4 Firings, Black Panther Preview

I'm back! Then leaving again...

Welcome back to another week of God Rolls, after I was on vacation last week and uhhh oops I will be visiting family home next week, so I might not get to it then either. So here we are!

What I’m Playing: Yup, I’m back into Avengers. What can I say? I’m hyped for Wakanda and farming a few exotics before it drops for no real reason. Also of course I did the Destiny epilogue.

What I’m Watching: Season finale of The White Lotus tonight. Did all of Sky Rojo on the plane back and forth from my trip. Did the horror show Brand New Cherry Flavor which was suitably weird. Also did What If…? and we’ll see how that pans out with future episodes.

Now, for the roundup:


Ranking Destiny 2’s Five Best Exotic Buffs Coming In Season 15 - Only a couple nerfs to exotic armor in season 15, but a surprising amount of buffs.

Destiny 2’s Epilogue Has Three Key Moments That Are Easy To Miss - Destiny had its Epilogue at last, but three pretty significant moments you might have totally missed due to no fault of your own.

‘Destiny 2’ Has 100% Brought Asher Mir Back In Its Epilogue - Some proof that Bungie has indeed brought Asher Mir back, in a way.

Unraveling Destiny 2’s Mystery Witch Queen Music Box - Bungie sent a creepy music box to players ahead of The Witch Queen reveal.

Other Games

‘Diablo 4’ Game Director, Lead Level Designer ‘No Longer At Blizzard’ - The cleansing of Activision Blizzard has cost Diablo 4 its game director.

I’ve Seen An Hour Of Avengers’ Black Panther Expansion, I Am Impressed - I got an early look at Avengers’ Black Panther and I really dig both him and Wakanda.

Rumored GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas Remaster Would Be A Monster Hit - The latest rumor is that these three remasters are coming this fall.

A ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Player Is Simply Building And Releasing Patch 1.3 Himself - CDPR is taking too long to update Cyberpunk so fans are just doing it themselves.


Osiris watch returns with our man downright committing war crimes:

Going through that pretty unexpectedly intense armor TWAB:

Finally, as requested, I partnered with JoJoMcGiggity to make some awesome Evie merch:

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See ya soon!

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